Couples and Relationship Psychotherapy

I am passionate about helping couples build stronger, healthier relationships. My mission is to help nurture stronger relationships through a compassionate, trusting approach. Together, we'll explore your challenges and work on overcoming them as a team.

My approach

Techniques I Use 

Personalised therapy just for you

I believe every couple is unique and I honor each relationship's uniqueness. There is no one-size-fits-all solution for relationship challenges, which is why my methods are as unique as your love story. I blend various therapeutic techniques to create a path that resonates with you, including:Couples therapy london amersham

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT)

In a safe, nurturing space, I will help you unlock and express your deepest emotions, paving the way for a stronger bond with your partner.

Systemic Family therapy

I use a systemic family therapy approach to help families resolve their problems in the context of their family dynamics. Family therapy helps family members strengthen connections and resolve conflicts. In a safe and supportive environment, I assist my clients in improving their communication, navigating challenging situations, and developing effective coping strategies.

Mindfulness and relaxation techniques

I integrate mindfulness practices to help you stay present in your relationship, overcome negative thought patterns, and manage stress effectively.

Attachment theory

Our past has far more influence over our lives than we realise. Understanding early attachment styles may be transformational for couples. I will help you explore your attachment patterns and understand how they impact your relationship dynamics.

Issues I can assist with

Couples therapy london amersham1Ineffective Communication 

At the core of a flourishing relationship is healthy communication. I will provide practical tools and strategies to polish your communication skills, resolve conflicts, and understand each other better.

Intimacy issues

Juggling career, parenting, and everyday tasks can take a toll on your relationship. You may feel exhausted, lonely, and detached, struggling to connect and enjoy intimacy with each other.  I will help you gain an understanding of the ways in which your parenting influences your relationship. Together, we will develop strategies to strike a better work-life balance, manage parenting responsibilities, and reconnect emotionally and physically. 

Affairs and Betrayals

Our relationships are built on trust. When someone we trust the most betrays us, it can sever our feeling of security and self-worth. I can help you understand the fundamental causes of adultery, reestablish trust, and heal whether you decide to stay together or split after infidelity. Whether you decide to stay together or go separate ways after infidelity, I can help you understand the root causes of infidelity, restore trust, and heal. 

Trust issues

Couples counselling provides a safe setting where you can address problems related to broken trust after betrayal, infidelity, or insecure attachment. I will guide you toward rebuilding trust and healthy relationships with yourself and others.

Reigniting the spark after becoming parents

Nurturing connection and passion in marriage while raising little children can be challenging. Relationship counselling can provide a safe space to communicate openly and address any emotional or intimacy challenges that you have been experiencing. I can also help you develop strategies to reconnect, balance parenting with a healthy relationship, and prioritize your partnership.

Life transitions

I help couples adjust to major life changes such as relocation, welcoming a new baby, job loss, separation or divorce, becoming a caregiver to an elderly parent, or illness.

Ongoing conflicts, Relationship Crises and Distress

Conflicts are unavoidable in our relationships and should not be avoided. What counts is how we reach out and repair after a disagreement. I will work with you to improve your communication and conflict resolution skills. We will work together to unpack any underlying issues and find better methods to navigate arguments and stressors in your relationship.

Mental health challenges

The state of our mental health significantly impacts our relationships with others. I will assist you in managing the impact of mental health issues on the relationship and coping with your symptoms.

Developing problem-solving strategies

I will work with you to develop practical problem-solving skills so that you can face challenges as a united front, turning them into opportunities for growth and bonding.

Contact me today to build a future where your partnership thrives, and join me in this journey towards a healthier, more fulfilling relationship.