Adult Psychotherapy

Do you feel anxious, overwhelmed, and burned out? Are you lonely and isolated despite being surrounded by people who care about you? You may be struggling with challenges such as illness, divorce, or burn out. You might be experiencing relationship issues or work-related problems. Or, you might have gone through early-life trauma that continues to impact your life and need someone to talk to.

People seek therapy for different reasons. Whatever the nature of your problems, you are not alone on this path, and together we can navigate your challenges.Adult therapy amersham harley street

I believe that each person is unique, so I will not try to fit you into rigid theoretical boxes. As an integrative psychotherapist, I embrace your uniqueness, tailoring my sessions to your needs. I cast aside one-size-fits-all approaches in my work with clients, using a range of therapeutic techniques from my extensive training and rich experience.

You can expect me to gently guide you and thoughtfully challenge you at times as we work together to help you achieve the change you've been longing for. Also, you can expect a warm and nurturing environment where you are not just heard but deeply understood and genuinely accepted.

Each session typically lasts 50 minutes, and you can expect to attend them at the same time each week. We will work together to create a supportive space where you can focus on your transformative journey and heal.