Parents and Parents-to-be 

As a parent myself, I am enthusiastic about working with parents and parents-to-be. I deeply understand the complex world of parenting and recognise that while becoming a parent is one of the most rewarding life experiences, it can also be a huge challenge, especially for people who grew up in dysfunctional families.

How does your past affect your parenting?

Childhood and developmental trauma shape us in profound ways, influencing how we interact with the world on many different levels. When we become parents, our childhood experiences can be thrown into the spotlight, sometimes making it challenging for us to build the meaningful relationships we desire with our children.  

As a psychotherapist, I help my clients unravel the impact of early traumas on their mind and body, their attachment and parenting styles, and ultimately, their family life. I help them understand how specific responses learned from their families of origin can become normalised and how these responses later affect their parenting skills. Most importantly, I help my clients adapt their responses and ultimately improve their experience of parenthood to be more positive and rewarding.

How can psychotherapy help?

Parenting is a difficult journey, and there are myriad reasons why you might seek support from a therapist: strained family dynamics, challenges your child is facing, adolescence challenges, complexities around adoption or fostering, or simply the need to talk to someone who understands. 

My approach is flexible, offering one-on-one sessions with parents or engaging the whole family in systemic family therapy, where I focus on a problem in the context of the entire family system. In family therapy, I ensure that everyone feels heard and understood. Each family member is given an opportunity to express what is going on for them as we agree and plan a strategy to tackle the issues and foster a more positive way forward. 

If you are a parent, a soon-to-be parent, or a family navigating turbulent waters, I offer a welcoming first step. Contact me for a free 15-minute consultation to discuss your problems and get to know each other in a safe, non-judgmental space. 

This initial meeting is without obligation, as your comfort in opening up is essential. There is no need to explain your decision if you choose a different path. This journey is about you, your family, and your comfort in taking the first steps toward healing and growth.